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Battle of the jumbo sandwich

Here is the newest war of the sandwiches between a kosher and non-kosher eatery. The 2nd Avenue Deli’s “Instant Heart Attack Sandwich” is under attack as the restaurant Heart Attack Grill located in Arizona is claiming copyright infringement.  The 2nd Ave Deli, a well-known  kosher eatery located in New York City, is filing a counter suit claiming that it has been selling the sandwich for since 2004, before the Heart Attack Grill even opened. Here is the report from Reuters. Here is a photo of the sandwich on GrubStreet NY.

Not sure why both restaurants are both so proud of their sandwich’s name, clearly suggesting how unhealthy it is. The jumbo sandwich contains 2 large potato pancakes with stacks of corned beef, pastrami, turkey or salami. Clearly, it is the antithesis of portion control! My suggestion: stick to a turkey sandwich with mustard sans potato pancakes and cherish your health. Or, share the sandwich 4 ways and get on the treadmill.

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