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Praise and Quotes

Praise for The Portion Teller Plan

“A respected nutritionist, Young is sharing her knowledge with the rest of the dieting world. She has the chops to present her case and does it with such aplomb that the solutions she proffers seem easy.” –O, The Oprah Magazine

“Dr. Lisa Young gives you a fresh approach to managing weight—one that makes perfect sense. The Portion Teller Plan is an invaluable resource.”–Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH, Professor, New York University

“The Portion Teller Plan is an eye opener. Every page is filled with another surprise, explaining why Americans are fat…. Following Dr. Young’s suggestions is a sensible way to keep from becoming an obesity statistic.” –Marian Burros, New York Times ”

…Dr Young still manages to make portion control interesting, and makes a convincing case that it’s not what we eat (carbs, protein, or fat) but how much we really eat that counts… Dr. Young also shares practical advice such as visual comparisons to help better gauge portion sizes.” –Tara Parker-Pope, Wall Street Journal The Portion Teller Plan is among the Wall Street Journal’s six favorite health books of 2005.

“This book [The Portion Teller Plan] is really fun to read. There are so many statistics and examples that bring it right home… Everybody can gain something from it.” –CNN

“The Portion Teller Plan is full of facts and useful information designed to help readers reduce their portion sizes, improve their diet, and lose weight. This is a book that is not only practical but also fun.” –Topics in Clinical Nutrition

“Practical advice and fascinating–if sobering–reading. ” –Eating Well

“The Portion Teller Plan helps you target your portion personality and scale down favorite meals without feeling deprived—or counting calories.”–Self Magazine

“Young offers a practical, long-term solution for losing weight while eating healthfully, likely to appeal to readers fed up with diet crazes.” –Publishers Weekly

“…It’s frankly a brilliant way to recast Americans’ eating dysfunction , and the information is a super-size eye-opener.” —Dallas Morning News

“Young doesn’t promise overnight results in this simple, well-designed book. Instead, she shows readers how to return to sensible eating. The Portion Teller Plan is worth reading if you’re trying to buck the trend toward larger portions.” –Baltimore Sun

“This 256-page book, stuffed full of strategies and tips to figure out portion sizes, is an invaluable tool for people who are suffering from portion distortion.”- Toronto Star

“Dr. Young’s make-sense approach is well-scribed advice that teaches us easily and memorably how to gauge when enough is enough and how to smart-size our eating choices for maximum health benefits.” –Entree

“If you are ready to ‘dig in’ and learn what you need to know about portion control, purchase a copy of Lisa Young’s new book, The Portion Teller Plan .” –Shape Up America

“Here’s a compact diet plan that makes sense.” –Editors, Barnes and Noble

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