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McDonald’s: U.S. versus Argentina

I recently returned from lecturing in Buenos Aires on portion sizes and, of course, I could not resist visiting a local McDonald’s. While Argentina does not require calorie posting, after asking several employees, I was able to get the nutrition information. Overall, their portions are large like ours, but there are some differences. To summarize: the burgers are pretty close, but Argentina’s Angus burger is larger and contains more calories. U.S. portions of French fries are bigger and contain more calories than those in Argentina, and the sodas are pretty comparable, except that Argentina doesn’t offer the kiddie size.

For kicks, below is a comparison.

FOOD                                                U.S.                                         ARGENTINA


Hamburger                                 3.5 oz, 250 calories                  3.3 oz, 244 calories

Big Mac                                       7.5 oz, 540 calories                   7.1 oz, 495 calories

Double Quarter pounder

with cheese                                 9.8 oz, 740 calories                 9.3 oz, 764 calories

Angus burger

with bacon and cheese           10.2 oz, 790 calories                12.7 oz, 951 calories


Small                                           2.5 oz, 230 calories                   2.5 oz, 211 calories

Medium                                      4.1 oz 380 calories                     3.6 oz, 299 calories

Large                                          5.4 oz, 500 calories                     5.1 oz, 422 calories


Kiddie                                               110 calories                                         —-

Small                                                150 calories                                    156 calories

Medium                                           210 calories                                    209 calories

Large                                               310 calories                                     312 calories

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