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Starbucks debuts quart size drinks!

Starbucks debuts quart-size beverages

Starbucks recently announced the introduction of a new larger size beverage to appear in US coffee shops nationwide in May: the 31-oz Trenta. It will be available for iced beverages—iced coffees, teas, and lemonade. Do we really need a quart size beverage for one person?! It is the company’s largest drink size to date and will cost only 50 cents more than the 24-oz Venti-size iced drinks.  Starbucks says it is responding to consumer demand for larger cold beverages. Are we really requesting bigger sizes??

We know that consuming liquid calories can lead to weight gain. So many people forget to count the calories they drink and some large-size drinks contain mega calories–more than 500 calories. And that is without the pastry.

Here is my advice: order a “Tall” instead. Yes—only America, is “Tall” the “Small”, but nonetheless, it is beats the Grande, Venti, or Trenta. And try for a non-fat skim latte or cappuccino—at least you’ll get calcium from the milk.

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