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Happy Anniversary Let’s Move!

Last week, Michelle Obama’s anti obesity campaign “Let’s Move” turned one.  Born a year ago, it has brought obesity awareness to the forefront, especially in children. It has encouraged the packaged food industry to lower the sugar and salt in its foods and has improved the school lunch program.

The New York Times reported that the First Lady is now talking to the restaurant industry to in an effort to expand the push for healthier eating.  According to the article, a team of advisors to Mrs. Obama has been holding talks with the National Restaurant Association, in an effort to urge restaurants to offer smaller portions and to improve children’s meals by offering carrots, apples, and other healthy fare.

I commend Mrs. Obama’s efforts, and do indeed, hope that the restaurant industry will comply. Portion sizes in restaurants are still enormous and the standard fare on many children’s menus is fried chicken and pizza. Let’s applaud these initiatives and have good news to report on Let’s Move’s 2nd anniversary next year.

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