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The food industry says “eat more!”

While the newly released Dietary Guidelines say “eat less”, the food industry serves more!

One of the consumer messages from the newly released Dietary Guidelines suggest that we “avoid oversized portions.” This is an excellent recommendation given that 68% of us are considered overweight and the report from the Dietary Guideline Advisory Committee indicated that obesity is “the single greatest threat to public health in this century.”  Losing weight is about eating less and moving more. From the food intake side of the equation, one of the best ways to lose weight is to eat smaller portions which have fewer calories than large portions.

But if you eat out, easier said than done! The LA Times recently reported on new menu items loaded with calories, salt, and fat. Some of these items contain an entire day’s worth of calories! The article is titled “Eat less, U.S. says as fast-food chains super-size their offerings.”

Here goes:

McDonald’s Angus Bacon Cheese Wrap contains 790.

All-American Jack from Jack in the Box Inc. –a  sandwich with two jumbo beef patties and two kinds of cheese, contains 840 calories.

Taco Bell Corp.’s Beefy Crunch Burrito meal: ground beef, rice, nacho cheese sauce, sour cream and spicy Fritos wrapped in a tortilla, plus cinnamon twists on the side and a medium soft drink, contains 1,390 calories.

Carl’s Jr.’s Footlong Cheeseburger has 850 calories.

Burger King’s Stuffed Steakhouse: a third of a pound of beef stuffed with jalapenos and cheese, has 600 calories.

I’ve got many more examples of jumbo sizes that I’m compiling. If you come across anything, please share.

In a word, OY-VAY! Steer clear of these items. Or share a dish with SEVERAL friends. And drink lots of water. And, perhaps start training for a marathon!

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